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Review Antique bath Trompe l'oeil marbre

Antique bath Trompe l'oeil marbre

Antique bath with the original faux marble decoration on the exterior of the bath.
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Antique roll top bath met with one straigh end and very elegant claw feet. This bath still has his original exterior painting and pattern. On the inside it has a wonderful enamelled soap dish in the shape of a shell. 

It was most likely made by the sanitary ware company Porcher, that features in one of their catalogue such a model with this trompe l'oeuil marble decoration. The fact that this decoration is still intact is quite astonishing since usually these type of patterns were covered with paint in later decades. It was made probably at the end of the 19th century since in those early days of bathroom development the bath used to be a part of the bedroom, it was more a boudoir-like setting and the bath was supposed to match the wooden furniture, hence the trompe l'oeuil patterns were very popular.