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Review Antique Zinc bath Napoleon marbled

Antique Zinc bath Napoleon marbled

Antique zinc bath made around 1850 and decorated with imitation marble. An antique model as used by Napoleon to take on his travels.
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Antique bath made of zinc and decorated with a beautiful green-ocher 'faux marbre' pattern. The bath resembles the first baths as they were manufactured from the beginning of the nineteenth century from the new 'pliable' material zinc. The Empire style, inspired by the forms of classical antiquity, is reflected in this model that resembles a marble bath of a Roman emperor. Napoleon took such a bath with him on his campaigns.

The bath is equipped with a stove in which water was heated with coal. This was directly connected to the bath by means of two pipes. This system is still present, but of course it does not have to be used. The bath can simply be installed in combination with a mixer tap.

It is a unique piece that was made around 1850 and is in great condition. Zinc baths are often dented but here the shape is still in great condition as is the decoration.

Zinc is a very light weight material which makes this bath a lot lighter than cast iron models.