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Gastronomical Print 5

Culinary print by Urbain Dubois. 19th Century hand-coloured print from La Cuisine Classique.
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astronomical print from "La Cuisine Classique" from the famous French chef Urbain Dubois. In an acid free passe-partout.

Hand coloured print from the end of the 19th century.

Urbain Dubois was famous for his architectural creations, the exuberant presentation of his dishes. While he was working in St Petersburg in the kitchen of Prince Orlov he got acquainted with the so called 'Service à la Russe'. Not all dishes were placed on the table at the same time - which was the custom in France with the 'Service à la Francaise' - but already portioned dishes were presented and served in several courses.

This print shows us various moulds for pastry and cake.

Size including passe-partout: 30 x 40 cm