Disclaimer Affaire d'Eau


On this page you find the disclaimer issued by Affaire d'Eau. With this disclaimer we inform you under which conditions we share information with you on our website.

Intellectual property


You can use all the information given on our website for free as long as you do not copy, spread of use or abuse this information. You only can reuse the information given on this website within the boundaries given by current common law.

Without permission in writing from Affaire d'Eau you are not allowed to use text, photos or any other material you find on our website in any publication whatsoever. Affaire d'Eau is the intellectual owner of all material we share on our website. 

Guarantee on correct information

Affaire d'Eau aims that all given prices on the website are correct and that all pictures reflect the reality correctly.  Mistakes may rise in the proces and any mistakes that are clearly typo's or due to programming difficulties can never result in claiming a contract or agreement between seller and buyer. 

We make an effort to keep the website up to date. Would despite this effort the information given be incorrect or incomplete in that case Affaire d'Eau can't be held responsible for such an error.

Affaire d'Eau claims the right to make changes in pricing, pictures and descriptions or delete products without any prior announcement.