Antique faucets for bathroom and kitchen

The first faucets that were made at the end of the 19th century did not have a mixer option. There was a separate faucet for cold and one for warm water. This situation did not change until the 2nd World War and this is why it is very difficult to find a bathroom or kitchen faucet that is a mixer. Showers had a mixing option and were almost always combined with a bath filler. It might turn out to be difficult to install such an antique shower faucet since the distance between the connections differs from our standard. The plumbing installations have to be adapted for an antique faucet. Brass faucets were mainly used for little cloack room basins, most of the antique washbasin faucets or bath fillers and showers had a nickel finish. In the twenties a chrome finish became very fashionable