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Review Antiek bad Empire RESERVED

Antiek bad Empire RESERVED

RESERVED Antique bath made of zinc with a faux marbre decor in empire style. A bath very much like Napoleon had made for him to carry with him to the battlefields.
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RESERVED Antique bath made of zinc in the Empire style. Manufactured around 1850-1880 and one of the first models to be made as bathtubs from the new material then zinc. The bath resembles in its shape the bath made for Napoleon from the zinc from the zinc mines of Moresnet. Moresnet was once an independent state at the Drielandenpunt where zinc was mined and for which Napoleon had issued a concession to the inventor of the zinc furnace with which the zinc could be extracted from the rock.

Zinc was very popular as a material because it is light, flexible and durable and very suitable for making all kinds of roof elements, gutters, baths and barrels.

This unique bath is in great condition. The marble painting is original and in good condition. The style of the bath is reminiscent of the Roman marble baths, the style of the classics that inspired the style of the Empire and so loved by Napoleon.

The bath could be linked to a heating boiler in which hot water could be heated. This water was led into the bath by means of two copper valves. This boiler is also still present, but of course it does not have to be used. The bath can function completely independently in combination with an ordinary bath mixer.

A unique and rare bath from the mid-nineteenth century in undamaged condition. Can become part of an old-style bathroom, but due to its timelessness, it can also be beautifully combined with modern elements. In all cases a fantastic eye-catcher in the bathroom.