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Review Antique faucet Queue de Carpe

Antique faucet Queue de Carpe

Antique tap Queue de Carpe, or an antique tap with a spout in the shape of a fish tail. Rare model that you very seldom. It is a great antique faucet to use as a cold water faucet.
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Antique tap with a spout in the shape of a fish street, hence the French name for this model, 'queue de carpe'. The fishtail spout was very popular at the end of the 19th century. These types of models are extremely rare and in this condition it is truly 'on of a kind'. The tap still needs to be checked but at the moment it is still running well, and you can blow air through it and that means that the system on the inside is still good.

It is a large tap that can be used either only as a cold water tap, but it could also be used as a spout where operation via separate (new) wall mounted faucets could be an option, or operation via a separately installed thermostatic tap.

In short, there are plenty of options for reusing this faucet. Or in an eclectic setting or in a very minimalistic decor.

The nickel has of course been worn here and there over the years, but still looks good 'over all'.

A beautiful and very special tap, a unique piece.