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Antique wash basin Bleu

Antique 19th century washbasin with a high back, decorated with a bright blue pattern of flowers. The whole is beautifully designed and bears the factory mark.

Antique fountain from the end of the nineteenth century in a very special, clear blue version. The flower pattern shows all kinds of summer flowers, including ears of corn, lathyrus, cornflowers raspberries and daisies. A beautiful trim frames the whole. This color is very rare, in general the blue used for this kind of decoration (and apparently the most sold in the past) is much darker. The tray shows some craquelure here and there and one of the soap dishes is unfortunately broken and restored. The break is at the bottom of the soap dish and the slight tear that runs at the top is not really noticeable. It will not hinder future use.

The beautifully designed front of the antique washbasin shows the factory mark that it had in its collection at the end of the nineteenth century.

This antique washbasin can be combined with a wall washbasin tap.

Dimensions: 51 cm wide with soap dishes (38 cm without) x 29 cm deep x 60 cm high.